1.Error free – Until you share the url of your invitaion others will not be able to access the data you’ve uploaded on our site.

2.Photo security– The photos you upload on our site will be secured via (name of it) nobody can download or take screenshot of your images.

3.Password protected– Unless you share the password of your profile one can’t open simply using the url, entering the accurate password will be required, which will be known to the account holder.

4.Rsvp Details– The RSVP tool tracker’s data will only be visible to the account owner other guests & relatives will not be able to take even a sneak peak.

5.Leakproof– Nobody except the account holder will have the right to share the url or lthe data he/she has uploaded on the site.

6.Authority – The authority of whether to dissolve or not the account with every bit of information during the validity of the package lies with the account holder.